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    Our system is composed of three elementary modules which can be freely combined allowing multiple configurations. Custom developments of specific auxiliaries can be studied upon request.

    lithium battery modules

    We offer several types of battery modules, which can be split in 3 families: long life module/High energy module/High power module. Connecting these modules in series or parallel allows for batteries with a voltage ranging from 48V up to 1,000V.

    Thermal regulation system

    This brick controls and optimises battery temperature in order to improve life, safety and performance. This system can be chosen in three different configurations. A base sub-system ensures homogeneous temperature in the battery system and can be completed by a heating sub-system or a heating/cooling sub-system depending on the climatic constraints to fulfil.

    BMS and battery junction box

    This brick is the central control unit of the battery which includes power connections communication and safety control. It also includes current management (current sensor, isolation check, contractors, fuse…). It is available in two configurations for low and high voltage applications suitable for a variety of industry types and use cases.


    At Elite Battery Systems, our mission is to accelerate with a better battery manufacturing process and platform.

    Our goal is to offer a range of standard and modular products so as to make their integration faster, more efficient and more cost effective. Our team is led by some of the battery industry's foremost inventors, scientists and entrepreneurs.